Triumph, Ducati, BMW R9T... Alo's Messenger Leather Saddle bag.

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Alo's Messenger Saddle Bag

We realized the first edition of “Alo’s Messenger Leather Saddle Bag” in 2016, from that moment we never stopped looking at how to improve it. Also thanks to our customers' experience, we finally designed the last version, the coolest and smartest motorcycle’ saddle bag you have ever seen!

Unmistakable style, Modern and Classic at the same time, high quality italian leather that you can choose in five vintage and elegance colors, hand-stitched by our artisan, Alo’s Messenger saddle bag is not only a useful accessory, it’s also that special touch missing on your bike.

Roomy, thanks to its wide opening, you can bring inside your full-face helmet.
Safe, you can fix it to the aluminium support and lock it with included key.

Five beautiful colors,  una pelle dal tocco morbido e resistente, cuciture doppie e rinforzate. La nostra "Alo's Messenger" è la più bella borsa che si possa scegliere per la propria moto "modern classic".

One simple Saddle bag or four?!

Motorcycle’s Saddle bag, quick fix and releases thanks to its back loops and special aluminium support specifically designed for different bikes models (see list in product’s details). Safe with lock and key fixing. Easy to release and ready to go! Don’t need any changes on your bike to fix it!

Hand bag, most of our customers would use it even if they're not going out for a trip, so we add some details to make it easier and useful as a practice handle.

Backpack, included with Alo’s Messenger Saddle Bag you’ll have a nylon belt to get through three rings and you're ready to go for a new adventure!

Shoulders bag, of course it can be missing the shoulder belt, hand-made with the same leather as the saddle bag, a little foam makes it more comfortable so you’ll not feel the weight of your stuff, this is an important detail that will let you absolutely love our Alo’s Messenger Saddle Bag.

Motorcycle bag, fast to fix thanks to the rear pocket, on the dedicated frame and compatible with many motorcycle models (see product list). Safe, with key locking and internal lock, Equally easy to release and immediately ready for any need, no modification is required for installation.

Time goes by and this bag is always beautiful!

Every main project needs an important beyond study , so we didn’t test it just indoors, but we’ve done it using at first by ourselves. Fix it on our bikes, went around for a thousand miles, long trips with all the needed stuff (is such roomy!!!) With the summer hot sun and winter rain, through the fields and woods, we left the saddle bag fell down on the floor without taking care of it… and you know what? It seems that everything that normally makes something worse, for real, makes our Alo’s Messenger Saddle Bag more beautiful as time goes by!

Of course this is thanks to all the choices we made for this special accessory, in fact we only choose italian high quality leather water resistant, we use a special sewing thread UV and water resistant and all sewing are double stitching and stronger.


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